Building Resources In Diverse Geographic Environments: BRIDGE Grant

The Herbert Henderson Office of Minority Affairs (HHOMA) is accepting grant applications for a new pilot program that aims to improve community health and economic development in Kanawha, Berkeley, and Jefferson counties.

The pilot program, called Building Resources In Diverse Geographic Environments (BRIDGE), is a comprehensive community revitalization effort with a mission of addressing poverty, improving community-wide health, stimulating labor force participation and supporting economic development. The program also aims to combat substance abuse, improve crime rates, and includes neighborhood revitalization.

For the initial and secondary phases of this project, grants of up to $25,000 are being made available to local community-level, non-profit agencies and organizations. A college or university may apply for funds to be used for a campus-based or community-based project if the project is confined to the project area as determined by the Executive Director of the Herbert Henderson Office of Minority Affairs. Projects in Phase I must be located in Kanawha County, West Virginia. Projects in Phase II must be located in Berkeley County, West Virginia and/or Jefferson County, West Virginia.  All projects must also be community-focused and have community member collaboration. Members of the target audience should be involved with the planning and execution of the project. Collaborations that involve targeted community members in the decision making, planning and implementation of projects are more likely to succeed. Proposals that demonstrate good collaboration will achieve a higher rating in the review process and therefore will more likely be funded.
The BRIDGE Grant Program is targeted toward six Priority Focus Areas: 
1.   Economic Stability
2.   Healthcare 
3.   Social/Community Services
4.   Neighborhood Environment
5.   Community Living
6.   Education


October 9, 2019: Announcement of Grant Application Period
December 1, 2019: Application Due Date (delivered or post-marked)
December 20, 2019: Grant Award Notification Letters Mailed
January 15, 2020: Contract Begins
July 15, 2020: Interim Progress Report Due
February 15, 2021: Final Progress Report Due