5-Minute Film Category

​​​​​Click here => 2022 Project on Racism Contest Guidlines.pdf to download a printable copy​


One of the newest additions to the Project on Racism contest is a Five Minute Film Contest. We are giving all the students the opportunity to create a film of five (5) minutes or less in length that is inspired by or has a theme based in this year’s quote. 

QUOTE“The quality, not the longevity, of one's life is what is important.”  -Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

The film’s director(s) and actors must have been in high school, Middle school, or Elementary school while filming the project. This is a state wide film competition and thus accepts films from anywhere in  WV, as long as, you were in grades 1 through 12 when you made the film.

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES:  Entries for the 2022​ YWCA Project on Racism Five Minute Film Contest must be submitted on or before November 15, 2021​​.

ELIGIBILITY: Students must submit entries as required on the entry form to be eligible. Entries received after the deadline set forth in these terms are ineligible, null, and void.

HOW TO ENTER: Create a film of five (5) minutes or less in length that is inspired by or has a theme based in this year’s quote. The film can be created by phone, camera, or any other visual recording device.

PERSONAL INFORMATION: Be sure to fill out the Contact Information Sheet and attach it or the information from it, with your submission  

SELECTION AND NOTIFICATION OF WINNERS:   Winners will be announced before the end of December 2021​. 
Winners will be chosen by the creativity, ingenuity, originality, and relevance of each entry. All winners will be notified by the email address or phone number provided in the entry form. 

RULES FOR ENTRY: Entries may not contain content that contains curse words, gross violence, gore, nudity or any sexual situations. Each Entry must include:
1.  Completed Contact Information Form
2.  A Flash Drive, download link, or CD containing the MP3 (The MP3 can also be emailed to cdcodirector@ywcawheeling.org).